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ARAB 000
ARAB 011
Intens 1st Lev Mod Stand Arb I
ARAB 012
Intens 1st Lv Mod Stnd Arab II
ARAB 020
Intr Mod Stnd Arab: Heritge Sp
ARAB 021
Intro MSA Heritage II
ARAB 111
Intens 2nd Lvl Md Stnd Arab I
ARAB 112
Intens 2nd Lv Mod Stnd Arab II
ARAB 113
Spoken Arabic I
ARAB 114
Formal Spoken Arabic II
ARAB 120
Interm Mod Stand Arab:Heritge
ARAB 121
Intermediate MSA Heritage II
ARAB 201
Intro to Islamic Civilization
ARAB 213
Arabic Media I
ARAB 214
Arabic Media II
ARAB 215
Intens 3rd Lvl Md Stnd Arab I
ARAB 216
Intens 3rd Lvl Md Stnd Arab II
ARAB 217
NonInten Adv Mod Stand Arabic2
ARAB 219
Formal Spoken Arabic
ARAB 220
Adv Mod Std Arabic Heritage Sp
ARAB 221
Third Level MSA Heritage II
ARAB 281
Religious Discourse
ARAB 289
Women & Gender In Islam
ARAB 308
Topics in the Arab World II
ARAB 328
Business Arabic
ARAB 329
Arabic Formal Writing
ARAB 330
Arabic Lang Policies & Politic
ARAB 334
Short Stories Fr the Maghreb
ARAB 335
Intro Arabic Short Story
ARAB 338
Arabic Folk Epic
ARAB 340
Arabic Drama
ARAB 341
Modern Arabic Poetry
ARAB 348
Map of the Arab World
ARAB 350
Arabic Capstone Seminar
ARAB 356
Arab Women's Autobiography
ARAB 360
1001 Nights
ARAB 365
Arabic Gulf Literature
ARAB 368
Colloquial Poetry
ARAB 372
Contemporary Shi'I Thought
ARAB 378
Arab Film
ARAB 386
Grammar through Poetry & Song
ARAB 390
Fundamentals Of Language
ARAB 391
Linguistic Analysis of Arabic
ARAB 393
Intro: Arabic Sociolinguistics
ARAB 394
Freedom in Modern Arabic Lit
ARAB 395
Literature & Social Movements
ARAB 396
America in Modern Arab Lit
ARAB 398
Migration & Exile Mod Arab Lit
ARAB 400
Senior Honors Thesis
ARAB 402
Intro to Arabic Linguistics
ARAB 403
Islam &Arab Cult in Golden Age
ARAB 406
Slavery & Islam
ARAB 407
War&Migration in MiddleEas Lit
ARAB 412
Sex & Powr in the Islamic Trad
ARAB 417
Shariah Law
ARAB 423
Modern Arabic Poetry
ARAB 429
Poetry of al-Mutanabbi: Intro
ARAB 432
Arabic Dialectology
ARAB 447
The Arab Novel
ARAB 450
Arabic Political Discourse
ARAB 453
Heritage/modernity:Arabic Lit
ARAB 470
Intro to Arabic Phil & Theo
ARAB 506
Slavery and Islam
ARAB 526
Polit Phil in Classical Islam
ARAB 555
IntroArb/Islm Stud:Sources/Met
ARAB 556
Readings in Islamic Lgl Hist
ARAB 571
Islamic Law:Concepts/Controver
ARAB 622
ARAB 624
Poetry of Ma'arri:Enga to Dis
ARAB 711
Editing Arabic Manuscripts
ARAB 775
Islamic Lgl Thry & Lgl Change
ARAB 900
Language Placeholder
ARAB 901
Tutorial: Arabic
ARAB 902
Tutorial: Arabic
ARAB 991
Continuous Registration
ARAB 992
Continuous Registration
ARAB 993
Continuous Registration
ARAB 994
Continuous Registration
ARAB 999
Thesis Research
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