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ANTH 000
ANTH 001
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 120
Visual Anthro:Ways of Seeing
ANTH 170
Commerce Across Cultures
ANTH 175
Crisis & Creativity/Arab World
ANTH 185
Global South Asia
ANTH 204
ANTH 205
Justice and Media
ANTH 206
Media And Global Protest
ANTH 207
Love & Hate in the Digital Age
ANTH 209
Anthropology of Social Media
ANTH 215
Youth Culture
ANTH 219
ANTH 225
Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 231
Giant Squid:Humans & Animals
ANTH 234
Race & Empire
ANTH 240
African Cultural Modernities
ANTH 245
Cultures & Sexualities
ANTH 250
Intro: Medical Anthropology
ANTH 251
Anthropology & the Body
ANTH 253
Real Indian:Indig/Authenticity
ANTH 254
ANTH 256
Disability & Culture
ANTH 275
ANTH 278
Cultures of Security
ANTH 279
Police in Contemporary World
ANTH 280
Urban Anthropology
ANTH 282
Anthropology of Human Rights
ANTH 283
Race & the Black Diaspora
ANTH 284
African Amer.:Ethnography&Film
ANTH 316
ANTH 320
The Ethnographic Imagination
ANTH 328
Culture & Globalization
ANTH 350
War & Peace in Darfur
ANTH 351
ANTH 358
Doing Anthro Fieldwork
ANTH 360
War Ethnography
ANTH 363
Anthropology and Islam
ANTH 381
ANTH 392
African Feminism Re-Imagined
ANTH 393
ANTH 495
Anthropological Theory
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