HIST 470 - History of Modern Mexico

This course covers Mexican history with particular attention to the modern period in larger historical, transnational, and temporal contexts. Topics include: pre-Columbian civilizations, colonial New Spain and the Spanish Empire, Independence and the First Empire, caudillismo and the Mexican American War, the French Intervention and the Second Empire, the Porfiriato and modernity, the Revolution, the socialist experiment and Maximato, Cardenas and nationalism, the consolidation of the Dictablanda, the demise of the PRI after 1968, and the turn towards democracy (?) by the end of the 20th century. Specific attention will be given to popular culture, art, film, and muralismo; women, gender, and sexuality; environmental history; race, ethnicity, and indigenismo; liberalism and its discontents; student activism and social movements; and Mexico in world history. Prerequisite: HIST 302 (HIST 301 also recommended). Not offered on a regular basis
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