HIST 405 - English Atlantic World to 1763

This course is a history of the settlement, expansion, and development of the American Colonies, from the time of the first English settlements to the eve of the American Revolution in the middle of the eighteenth century. The central theme of the course is the expansion of English society across the Atlantic. We will examine the interaction of Englishmen and women with their environment, with native peoples, and with a variety of groups that were imported or that freely migrated into the colonies. We will examine the relations between these peoples, and through their conflicts, their cooperation, and their incomplete assimilation into an Anglo-American colonial society, arrive at a fuller understanding of American colonial development. Events in the American colonies, furthermore, will be viewed in their transatlantic, imperial context. As such, we will focus on developments on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and on both sides of the “frontier.” Prerequisite: HIST 302 (HIST 301 also recommended). Not offered on a regular basis.
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