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HIST 101
Intro to the History Major
HIST 112
HIST 120
Military History of the U.S.A.
HIST 150
S/U/History of United States I
HIST 151
S/U/History of United StatesII
HIST 161
S/U/Issues in US History:
HIST 162
HIST 163
S/U/African Am History to 1877
HIST 164
S/U/African Am HistoryFrom1877
HIST 199
Underground RR to Canada
HIST 204
S/U/United States Since 1945
HIST 206
Ancient Greek Civilization
HIST 207
Ancient Roman Civilization
HIST 211
The Early Middle Ages
HIST 212
The High Middle Ages
HIST 230
Modern Ireland:1550 to Present
HIST 232
EarlyModern European Expansion
HIST 240
HIST 249
S/U/StAmHis:PopCulture20thC US
HIST 250
S/U/Work&Workers in Modrn Amer
HIST 260
S/U/Women in United States His
HIST 261
M/U/Native American History
HIST 262
HIST 263
S/U/Civil War/Reconstr:1848-77
HIST 264
S/U/US Immigration History
HIST 266
S/U/Civil Rights Movemnt in Am
HIST 267
S/U/Women&US Social Movements
HIST 270
S/M/His of Latin Amer to 1825
HIST 271
S/M/His-Latin Amer Since 1825
HIST 281
M/Trad East Asian Hist to 1840
HIST 282
M/Hist of East Asia Since 1840
HIST 284
S/MSt-LACAANA:Gender in Africa
HIST 288
Exp:Modern India
HIST 291
M/Islamic World:600-1800
HIST 292
HIST 299
DS:Digital History
HIST 301
Intrp-His:African Hist to 1850
HIST 302
Rs-Hs:Envir Hist in ModernU.S.
HIST 399
DS:Medieval Same-Sex Intimacy
HIST 405
English Atlantic World to 1763
HIST 406
Age of the American Revolution
HIST 407
Slave Reb & Res-Atlantic World
HIST 410
Making Industrial Am,1877-1918
HIST 411
Making Industrial Am,1918-1945
HIST 413
BlackPower&Struc IneqPost-1945
HIST 415
Environ Thought &Pol; Modern Am
HIST 430
HIST 440
AS-EurHis:Medievalism-Mod Iden
HIST 470
History of Modern Mexico
HIST 476
Modern China
HIST 480
LACAANA:Law & Empire
HIST 488
Ex:BuildingSrPortfolio-Hist St
HIST 491
SrSem:Contesting Citizenship
HIST 499
DS:Native Amercan His LAACAANA
HIST 599
DS: Civil War Era
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