PHIL 4 - Critical Think/Writ

This course is designed to introduce the relationship between critical thinking and critical writing in a way that will be both enjoyable to the student and helpful in other aspects of life. The student will learn techniques of critical thinking, playing close attention to the current events, movies and popular media, music lyrics, as well as the textbook. Students will learn to identify deductive and inductive arguments and be able to evaluate their strength, create a strong argument of their own on a given topic, as well become experts in the area of critical analysis. The goal is to enable students to become strong, well informed, articulate members of the community as well as individuals with an empowered sense of self as an agent of change. Students will write a minimum of 6,000 words. PREREQUISITE: English 1A
Transferable CSU, CSU A3, GAV C2, Transferable UC, IGETC 1B
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