WKEX 192F - Work Exp/Internship-Gen

18 hours lecture and 90-360 hours lab per term. A program of on-the-job learning experiences designed to assist the student in developing occupational effectiveness. Employment, internship, or volunteer work need not be related to a vocational or occupational major. Each student will establish measurable learning objectives appropriate for his/her job. Students must carry a minimum of seven units, which may include work experience. One unit of credit may be earned for each 75 hours of paid or 60 hours of unpaid work (approximately five hours per week). The combined maximum credit earned for this class may not exceed six units and the total combined maximum credit for WKEX 191 F and this course cannot exceed 16 units. (CSU) (Degree Credit)
Business, Marketing, Course Site (Blackboard), Computer Information Systems, Not a basic skills course, Office Technologies
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