BUS 111F - Business Communications

Prerequisite: ENGL 060 F with a grade of "Pass" or ENGL 099 F with a grade of "Pass" or ESL 186 F with a grade of "Pass" or a recommended score on the English Placement Test. 54 hours lecture per term. This course provides instruction and practice in writing in English usage, writing business letters, interoffice memoranda, and reports, Business English, mechanics, and appearance. Included are letters of inquiry, order and acknowledgement, sales, application, claims and adjustment and collection. One original research report is required. Meeting the needs of the readers underlies each section of study. (CSU) (Degree Credit) AA GE
F-GE A1 Written Communication, Business, AA GE, Law, Management, Marketing, Business Education/Office Mgmt, Not a basic skills course, Real Estate
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