LEAD 302 - Navigating, Influencing, and Leading Change Processes

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the theories, tools, and approaches available in navigating, influencing, and leading transitional and tranformational change. Concepts from complexity theory will be applied to the different levels of change, at the individual, team, organization, community, and global levels. Social change will be an integral aspect to the course. The central role of group dynamics in changing social systems will be covered. Change models, theories, and tools (both historical as well as current best practices) will be applied to the various contexts and levels of change. Overall, the course will address the nature of change from a positve perspective, drawing upon the current scholarship in positive psychology, the notion of sustainable change, and guiding social change at various levels. This course will utilize a variety of teaching strategies, including but not limited to assigned readings, videos, personal reflections and journaling, lectures, group discussions, and case studies.
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