CE 130 - Theory of Structures

Prerequisite: CE 121. Trusses and frames analyzed by algebraic and graphic procedures; influence lines and live loading analysis; rigid frames analyzed by slope deflection and moment distribution. Introduction to matrix methods. FS. Class Notes: This section has a prerequisite. For more information, please refer to the current California State University, Fresno General Catalog or consult with your academic adviser. Letter grade only. Open only to Engineering majors. This course is offering optional Supplemental Instruction (SI) 2 - 3 times per week. An SI Leader will be assigned to the course and will provide guided study sessions at a time and place to be arranged. For more information call the Learning Center at (559) 278-3052. Enrollment Requirements: Civil Engineering Pre requisites for CE 130: CE 121 completed.
Supplemental Instruction (SI)
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