SKGL 0321 - International Law and Justice Practicum

In this course students examine factual scenarios, identifying and analyzing whether international law rights are at risk. Through a series of integrated readings and interactive exercises, activities, and legal writing assignments, students develop lawyering skills as well as a nuanced understanding of the doctrine underlying publicinternational concepts, and the legal theory that has developed around specific areas of international law. Through integrated exercises, students refine their legal writing skillsand practice making legal arguments in small group formats and larger public settings, for a variety of audiences and sophistication-levels. With direct oversight and supervision, as well as a system of self-evaluation journaling, each student is provided with detailed feedback and training on their performance in a variety of lawyering tasks in the following four three-week units:Unit 1 - Crimes Against HumanityUnit 2 - Public Environmental International LawUnit 3 - Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence, Human Trafficking, and International WomenÆs Day andUnit 4 - Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Privacy: Regulation in International Law.
Experiential (LAW), LLM Int'l Law & Justice, INLJ, Law LLM Courses
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