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IPGL 0332 - Counseling and Advocacy in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Matters

This course is designed as an experiential course for LL.M. students wishing to understand how to address the needs of diverse clients with issues related to intellectual property and information technology law in a comprehensible, business-friendly and cost-efficient manner.

Each skill is approached by examining the underlying theories, where available, through readings and class discussions and demonstrations, and then experientially, by means of in-class exercises and simulations in which students assume the role of the lawyer. These role plays provide opportunities to practice the skills in hypothetical situations, followed by self-evaluation and feedback from faculty, actors, and peers. The readings, which will be provided in advance of each class, are primarily redacted drafts of real client communications that have been modified to illustrate best practices and issues surrounding client communication and advocacy. In critically evaluating the readings and in particular, why particular language was utilized or avoided, students will develop their own skills in writing to and on behalf of clients in ways that are calculated to meet the clients’ needs, respect the clients’ time, anticipate their questions and concerns, facilitate appropriate responses, and persuade others.

Experiential (LAW), JD: IntelProperty&InfoLawExper, LLM Intellectual Prop & IT, Law LLM Courses, Online Law School
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