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IPGL 0303 - Beyond Intellectual Property Fieldwork

The course will explore the interconnection between intellectual property and related subjects, focusing this year on the challenges of advanced technologies, artificial intelligent, machine learning, robots and cyberspace, on intellectual property, privacy and other legal regimes in the 3A era (autonomous, advanced and automated). The course constitutes novel and non-traditional perspectives of the interconnections between advanced digital technologies and intellectual property laws. Each of the topics will be presented and discussed within the practical challenges as well as the theoretical background and international contexts, in the US and in comparative jurisdictions. Moreover, many of the topics are related to either drafts, suggestions or recommendations of international conventions being discussed by leading international organizations, especially WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The course will address, inter alia, the following topics: intellectual property, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots, 3D printings, the challenges to intellectual property in the digital - cyberspace era and cyberspace privacy, theoretical justifications to intellectual property, the mainstream justifications as well as the hidden justifications, intellectual property rights in the workplace, traditional knowledge, intellectual property and gender, access to knowledge for persons with disabilities, freedom of association of workers from the entertainment sector vs. competition and antitrust laws and many more. The unique character of the course will be the involvement of the students in conducting legal research (US laws, comparative and international and theoretical aspects) and preparing a paper to be published and/or to be submitted (subject to certain limitations) to the relevant international organizations (i.e. WIPO). In this way the student will work on research projects that promote innovative recommendations through the design, implementa
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