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CTGE 5551 - Reflective Practice and Field Experience I in an Inclusive Childhood Classroom

This course provides an introduction to schools and schooling practices. The Reflective Seminar is intended as a vehicle for critical reflection through which theory can be integrated with practical experiences. It focuses on several interconnected teaching strands: curriculum design, lesson planning, classroom organization, classroom management, assessment, reflective practice, collaboration and professionalism. Students in this seminar are viewed as reflective practitioners who draw from multiple models in planning for learning and teaching. This planning will build an inclusive community of learners, minimize behavior problems, and provide a welcoming, supportive environment for all children. The course meetings are designed to meet the varying needs of our students in either the traditional or alternative programs. The seminar also provides a structure for organizing workshops in child abuse prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and violence prevention. Field experiences progress from observation to guided practice with small and whole groups of students.
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