AMCS 3333 - AMERICAN CATHOLIC FICTIONS(Eloquentia Perfecta 3 / Advanced Literature Core)

This course explores the narratives created by American Catholic artists and the variety of forms their stories take. Emphasis will be on the 20th Century and contemporary American Catholic novelists and short story writers, such as William Kennedy, John O’Hara, Flannery O’Connor, Ron Hansen, Mary Gordon, David Plante, and Andre Dubus. In addition, students will engage the work of American Catholic filmmakers (such as Coppola and Scorsese), visual artists (including Mapplethorpe and Warhol), and the music & lyrics of Catholic composers/songwriters (such as Bruce Springsteen). We will consider the content of these visual, musical, and literary narratives in light of their grounding in the specific American and Catholic Culture they portray, and we will explore the particular capability of each genre to convey the artist’s vision of the possibilities and limitations of the world he or she inhabits and (re)creates. Four-credit courses that meet for 150 minutes per week require three additional hours of class preparation per week on the part of the student in lieu of an additional hour of formal instruction.
AMST: Cultural Products conc, Advanced Literature Core, American Studies , AMST: Literature req, Eloquentia Perfecta 3, Fordham College/Rose Hill, Irish Studies, Religious Studies
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