ENV 4960 - Environmental Engineering Seminar

Basic principles and applications of environmental engineering, including environmental science, solid and hazardous waste, water resources, water supply, wastewater, and air quality for environmental engineering students. Class Notes: This video-based online course features recordings of the on-campus section. Lecture videos and class materials are posted online, to access your course go to: http://distance.fiu.edu/login. This course may require on-campus visits or proctored exams. For more information about Office of Distance Education (ODE) courses and related policies, please visit http://distance.fiu.edu; additional $299 fee for this course. Enrollment Requirements: Please Note: Fully Online Program students may not enroll in this class section. Prerequisites: EGN2030, EGN3613, ENV3001, EGN3343, CWR3540, ENV4351 Corequisites: ENV4101, ENV4401, ENV4551.
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