ENV 4351 - Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Generation, transport, treatment and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes; risk assessment and treatment of contaminated media. Class Notes: This is a hybrid class. In a hybrid class, the face-to-face meeting time is reduced by 50%. The other 50% of the class takes place outside of the classroom (online, in the field, in the community, or some other place). Students taking Hybrid classes will need to be self-regulating in their habits, and keep up with both the face-to-face and out-of-class work. They will also need to be careful to make connections between what happens in class and what they do on their own. However, the Hybrid modality provides more flexibility for tight schedules. To access the online component go to: https://canvas.fiu.edu/login/. Enrollment Requirements: Please Note: Fully Online Program students may not enroll in this class section. Prerequisites: CHM1046 and CHM1046L.
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