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ENGL 0100
Basic College Writing
ENGL 1100
Writing I
ENGL 1200
Writing II
ENGL 1400
Intro to Teaching English
ENGL 2000
Am Lit I: Explore to Civil War
ENGL 2003
Tpc: Hispanic Lit & Culture
ENGL 2005
Tpc: News Reporting & Writing
ENGL 2006
Tpc: Foundations of Prof Writ
ENGL 2100
Am Lit II:Civil War to Present
ENGL 2200
Brit Lit I: Beowulf to Milton
ENGL 2210
Brit Lit II: Pepys to Shelley
ENGL 2220
Brit Lit III:Bronte to Rushdie
ENGL 2500
World Literature II
ENGL 2540
Global Issues in Film
ENGL 2600
The Bible as Literature
ENGL 2700
The Short Story
ENGL 2800
ENGL 2810
Editing and Publishing
ENGL 2860
Intro to Sec School Teach
ENGL 2870
Structure & Nature of Language
ENGL 2890
Storytelling and the Oral Trad
ENGL 2900
Children's Literature
ENGL 2910
Literature for Young Adults
ENGL 2999
Approaches to English Studies
ENGL 3000
World Drama
ENGL 3008
Tpc: Black Feminist Discourse
ENGL 3010
American Drama
ENGL 3015
Writing SciFi & Fantasy Novel
ENGL 3020
Modern Drama
ENGL 3026
Genre,Frms & Thms in Creat Wri
ENGL 3027
Experimental Writing
ENGL 3028
Research for Creative Writers
ENGL 3030
The Middle Ages
ENGL 3050
20th Century Irish Literature
ENGL 3060
Modern Poetry
ENGL 3061
Jewish American Lit & Culture
ENGL 3070
European Literature I
ENGL 3091
Asian Cinemas
ENGL 3092
Transatlantic Literature
ENGL 3100
The World Novel
ENGL 3120
Golden Age-Eng Renaissance
ENGL 3210
Major Amer Writers 20th Cent
ENGL 3480
Writing for the Web
ENGL 3540
Writing Film Criticism
ENGL 3620
Classical Trad in Western Lit
ENGL 3710
South Asian Literature
ENGL 3830
College Newspaper Production
ENGL 3840
On-line Magazine
ENGL 3860
Writing for Organizations
ENGL 3870
Feature and Magazine Writing
ENGL 3890
Creative Non-Fiction Writing
ENGL 4000
Major Author: Toni Morrison
ENGL 4012
Practicum Seminar
ENGL 4020
Shakespeare's Drama
ENGL 4030
Interpret Shakespeare's Work
ENGL 4080
British Romanticism
ENGL 4090
The 19th Cent English Novel
ENGL 4100
Victorian Literature
ENGL 4200
Romantic Movement in U.S. Lit
ENGL 4400
Sem: Cont World Lit
ENGL 4500
Literary Theory
ENGL 4600
Literary Cult of Virgin Queen
ENGL 8050
Adv Research English Studies
ENGL 9000
Lit Theory:Prac Applications
ENGL 9020
Shakespeare's Major Plays
ENGL 9039
Tpc: Sci Fic Cautionary Tales
ENGL 9044
Tpcs: Graphic Novel as Lit
ENGL 9045
Tpc:Shakespeare & His Contemp
ENGL 9046
Amer Art and Lit 1800-1860
ENGL 9058
Contemporary World Literature
ENGL 9072
Tpc: British Rep Disease & Dis
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