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NUR 3065C
Health Assessment
NUR 3125
Pathophysiology in Nursing
NUR 3145
Pharmacology for Nursing
NUR 3226
Adult Health Nursing I
NUR 3226L
Adult Health Nursing I Clinic
NUR 3286L
Gerontological Nursing Clinic
NUR 3286
Gerontological Nursing
NUR 3355
Child Health Nursing
NUR 3355L
Child Health Nursing Clinic
NUR 3535L
Mental Health Nursing Clinical
NUR 3535
Mental Health Nursing
NUR 3825
Intro to Professional Nursing
NUR 3829C
Foundations of Nsg Practice
NUR 3833
Patient Care Manage in Nursing
NUR 4165
Principles of Nursing Research
NUR 4169
Evidence-Based Nursing Prac.
NUR 4227
Adult Health Nursing II
NUR 4227L
Adult Health Nursing II Clinic
NUR 4295C
Critical Care Nursing
NUR 4455
Reproductive Health Nursing
NUR 4455L
Reproduct Health Nurs Clinic
NUR 4636L
Commun & Pub Hlth Nurs Clinic
NUR 4636
Community & Pub Health Nursing
NUR 4948L
Senior Nursing Practicum
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