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NGR 5431L
Clinical Practicum I
NGR 5433L
Clinical Practicum III
NGR 5434L
Clinical Practicum IV
NGR 5436L
Clinical Practicum VI
NGR 5437L
Clinical Practicum VII
NGR 6002L
Adv Health Assessment Practice
NGR 6002
Advanced Health Assessment
NGR 6140
Pathophysiology I
NGR 6141
Advanced Pathophysiology
NGR 6149
Adv. Anat, Physio. & Path III
NGR 6156
Adv. Anatomy and Physiology I
NGR 6172
NGR 6240
Primary Health Care I
NGR 6240L
Primary Health Care I Pract.
NGR 6252L
Primary Health Care IV-Pract.
NGR 6252
Primary Health Care IV
NGR 6305
Primary Health Care III
NGR 6305L
Primary Health Care III-Pract.
NGR 6400
Chem &Phys in Nurse Anesthesia
NGR 6405
Adv. Principles NA Practice II
NGR 6420
Basic Principles of Anesthesia
NGR 6460
Pharmacology I
NGR 6491
Synthesis Seminar
NGR 6638
Advanced Health Promotion
NGR 6701
Academic Role of Nurs Educator
NGR 6710
Teach & Assess Strat Nsg Ed
NGR 6711L
Adv Clin Pract for Nurse Educ
NGR 6712
Foundations of Nursing Educ.
NGR 6713
Design&Eval of Nurs Curricula
NGR 6731
NGR 6740
Concepts/Roles of Adv Practice
NGR 6811
Advanced Nursing Research
NGR 6941L
Nurse as Educator Practicum
NGR 6942
Nurse Educator Capstone
NGR 6945L
Clinical Specialty Practice
NGR 6949
Clinical CorrelationConference
NGR 7176
Adv Pharmacology & Genomics
NGR 7768
Basis of Adv. Practice Nursing
NGR 7769
Advanced Practice Management
NGR 7846
Biostatistics & Epidemiology
NGR 7856
Evidence-Based Trans. Research
NGR 7899
Organization Syst. & Leadship
NGR 7949L
DNP Clinical Practice
NGR 7974
DNP Project
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