IDH 1930 - Hnrs:Rdngs:Gene Edit/Bioethics

Each semester, we will discuss 3 books. Groups comprised of no more than 4 students per faculty will meet at a mutually acceptable time. The three books will have a common theme and the theme will lend itself to an interdisciplinary approach. Ideally, the books will be a mix of fiction and nonfiction. In these small groups, the students will have the chance to freely express their thoughts. They will also have the opportunity to develop a close association with dedicated faculty members, which is one of the foundations of our Honors Program. At the end of the semester, we hope to get the students and faculty together with one of the authors of the books for a discussion of the ideas and themes discussed over the semester. To take the course, students must be in the University Honors Program, or must have a cumulative GPA of a least 3.5, or by permission of the instructor. ~ May be repeated for credit up to four times when topics vary.
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