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HSC 2106
Choosing Wellness
HSC 2577
Nutri Human Health & Wellness
HSC 3133
Health and Human Sexuality
HSC 3161
Genetics for Health Sciences
HSC 3201
Healthy Communities
HSC 3202
Introduction to Public Health
HSC 3208
Health Education Foundations
HSC 3243
Teach & Learn in Health Profs
HSC 3537
Medical Terminology
HSC 3582
Occupation and Participation
HSC 3624
Global Health Systems & Issues
HSC 3661C
Dynamics of Communication
HSC 3720
Health Persp & Assessment
HSC 4150
Impacts of Substance Abuse
HSC 4231
Client Ed in Health Care
HSC 4241
Needs Assmt & Program Plan
HSC 4250
Task Analys & Curr Dev in H P
HSC 4500
HSC 4555
Disease, Impairment & Function
HSC 4814
Community Health Practicum
HSC 4910
Capstone in Community Health
HSC 5260
Teaching Meth for Health Profs
HSC 6236
Client Education in the HP
HSC 6258
Curric Devel-Health Prof Educ
HSC 6911
Health Profs. Capstone Project
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