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EDG 3323
Professional Teaching Practice
EDG 4343
Instructional Strategies
EDG 4371
Creative & Affective Develpmnt
EDG 4936
Seminar: Child/Youth Studies
EDG 4937
Sr Seminar-Initial Teach Prep
EDG 4940
Practicum: Child/Youth Studies
EDG 4942
Field Experience:CYS
EDG 5944
TIP Practicum
EDG 6326
Learning, Account & Assess
EDG 6329
Reflective Practitioner
EDG 6356
Inst Models and Strategies
EDG 6363
Capstone Seminar
EDG 6391
Instructional Leadership
EDG 6627
Found. of Curriculum & Instr.
EDG 6931
ST: Higher Ed Advising
EDG 7017
Reading & Writing for Research
EDG 7221
Curriculum Theory
EDG 7286
Curriculum Design Evaluation
EDG 7325
Multiple Pedagogies
EDG 7367
Research Methods Seminar
EDG 7635
Curr Persp Exceptionalities
EDG 7707
Diversity & Global Stud in Ed
EDG 7930
ST: Multicultural Education
EDG 7940
Internship in Curr and Instr
EDG 7980
EDG 7989
Dissertation Prospect/Proposal
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