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CHM 1020
Chemistry in Society
CHM 1032
General, Organic& Biochemistry
CHM 1032L
Gen, Organic, Biochemistry Lab
CHM 1045L
General Chemistry I Lab
CHM 1045
General Chemistry I
CHM 1046
General Chemistry II
CHM 1046L
General Chemistry II Lab
CHM 1084C
Environmental Chemistry
CHM 2210
Organic Chemistry I
CHM 2210L
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM 2211
Organic Chemistry II
CHM 2211L
Organic Chemistry II Laborator
CHM 2414C
The Science of Cooking
CHM 3120
Analytical Chemistry
CHM 3120L
Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHM 3400
Principles of Phys. Chem.
CHM 3400L
Principles of Phys. Chem. Lab
CHM 3410
Physical Chemistry I
CHM 3410L
Physical Chemistry I Lab
CHM 3411
Physical Chemistry II
CHM 3411L
Physical Chemistry II Lab
CHM 3610L
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 3610
Inorganic Chemistry
CHM 4080C
Adv Environmental Chemistry
CHM 4130
Instrumental Analysis
CHM 4130L
Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHM 4174C
Lasers in Physical Sciences
CHM 4220C
Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHM 4230C
Practical NMR Spectroscopy
CHM 4300
Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHM 4512
Computational Modeling
CHM 4671
Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHM 4714C
Materials Chemistry
CHM 4905
Dir Ind Study/Res in Chem
CHM 4910C
Senior Project in Chemistry
CHM 4912C
Senior Thesis/Pres. Chemistry
CHM 4931
Senior Capstone in Chemistry
CHM 4932
Chemistry Senior Seminar
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