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CCJ 1020
Intro to Criminal Justice
CCJ 1080
Intro to Forensic Studies
CCJ 3117
Theories of Criminal Behavior
CCJ 3296
Famous Crimes and Trials
CCJ 3453
Organization and Admin. of CJ
CCJ 3603
Forensic Behavioral Analysis
CCJ 3653
Drugs, Alcohol & Crime
CCJ 3666
CCJ 3670
Crime Scene Investigation
CCJ 3700
Meth Criminal Justice Research
CCJ 3701
Criminal Justice Data Analysis
CCJ 4035
Media and Crime
CCJ 4054
Ethics in the Crim Justice Sys
CCJ 4450
Ldrship & Mgmt in CJ Agencies
CCJ 4601
Human Behavior
CCJ 4630
Comparative Justice
CCJ 4662
Minorities and Crime
CCJ 4663
Female Crime
CCJ 4681
Domestic Violence
CCJ 4694
Human Trafficking
CCJ 4910
IR:Env'l & Subject Photography
CCJ 4933
ST: Latent Print Analysis
CCJ 4934
Senior Seminar
CCJ 4940
CCJ 5476
Mgmt. & Admin. of Justice
CCJ 6485
Criminal Justice Policy
CCJ 6606
Social Constructs of Crime
CCJ 6696
Human Trafficking
CCJ 6707
Adv. Quantitative Research
CCJ 6709
Advanced Qualitative Research
CCJ 6711
Research in Violent Behavior
CCJ 6910
Directed Research Projects
CCJ 6930
ST: Intro to Crime Analysis
CCJ 6941
Practicum-Frnsic Bhvrl Analyst
CCJ 6971
Thesis in Criminal Justice
CCJ 6974
Project in Criminal Justice
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