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ANT 2000
Intro to Anthropology
ANT 2040C
Foundations in Museum Studies
ANT 2100
Introduction to Archaeology
ANT 2211
Peoples of the World
ANT 2410
Cultural Anthropology
ANT 2501
Becoming Human
ANT 2511C
Intro to Physical Anthropology
ANT 3042C
Museum Exhibit Design
ANT 3141
Dev. of World Civ.
ANT 3142
Old World Archaeology
ANT 3144
New World Prehistory
ANT 3158
Florida Archaeology
ANT 3231
Introduction to Folklore
ANT 3390
Visual Anthropology
ANT 3467
Anthropology of Food
ANT 3520C
Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3550
ANT 3556
Methods in Field Primatology
ANT 3586C
Human Evolution
ANT 3610
Language and Culture
ANT 3824L
Archaeological Field Lab
ANT 3905
Ind. Study in Anthropology
ANT 4034
History of Anthro Thought
ANT 4184
Archaeology of Death
ANT 4241
Magic and Religion
ANT 4462
Medical Anthropology
ANT 4525C
Human Osteology
ANT 4930
ANT 4931
Senior Seminar in Anthropology
ANT 4940
Anthropology Internship
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