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SCWK 110
Intro-Social Work Profession
SCWK 130
Soc Work Interviewing Skills 1
SCWK 170
Agency and Program Orientation
SCWK 197
Special Studies in SCWK
SCWK 210
Intro to Social Welfare
SCWK 220
Individual & Family Practice
SCWK 240
Foundations of Practice
SCWK 297
Special Studies in SCWK
SCWK 310
SCWK Policy&Political Advocacy
SCWK 320
Group & Community Practice
SCWK 330
Social Work Interviewing 2
SCWK 350
Applied Social Research Method
SCWK 360
Children's Services Social Wrk
SCWK 361
Legal Aspects of Social Work
SCWK 370
Field Instruction Orientation
SCWK 397
Special Studies in SCWK
SCWK 450
Appl Social Research Statistic
SCWK 481
Field Instruction Seminar 1
SCWK 482
Field Instruction Seminar 2
SCWK 491
Field Instruction 1
SCWK 492
Field Instruction 2
SCWK 497
Special Studies in SCWK
SCWK 510
Policy Analysis & Advocacy
SCWK 520
Generalist Macro Practice
SCWK 530
Generalist Micro Practice
SCWK 540
Human Behavior/Social Environ
SCWK 550
Research Methods
SCWK 560
Diversity & Social Justice
SCWK 591
Field Practicum 1
SCWK 592
Field Practicum II
SCWK 597
Special Topics in Social Work
SCWK 600
Into to School Social Work
SCWK 610
Leadership, Policy & Advocacy
SCWK 611
School Social Work Adv Policy
SCWK 620
Advanced Group Practice
SCWK 630
Advanced Micro Practice
SCWK 632
Adv Clinical Prac/Supervision
SCWK 633
School SCWK Assessment
SCWK 650
Applied Social Work Research
SCWK 660
Clinical Assessment/Diagnosis
SCWK 680
Leadership And Supervision
SCWK 690
Intro to School of Social Work
SCWK 691
Advanced Field Practicum I
SCWK 692
Advanced Field Practicum II
SCWK 693
Advanced Field Practicum III
SCWK 697
Special Topics in Social Work
SCWK 699
Social Work Capstone Project
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