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THE 2000
Appreciation of Theatre
THE 2305
Script Analysis
THE 2952
Devising 2 Stdy Abrd UK
THE 3262
History of Western Dress
THE 3952
Production Hour
THE 4110
Theatre History 1
THE 4111
Theatre History 2
THE 4213
Classical World Drama
THE 4282
Hist Desgn StylsTheatr Desgnrs
THE 4284
History of Fashion and Decor 1
THE 4285
History of Fashion and Decor 2
THE 4286
History Of Fashion And Decor 3
THE 4334
Acting Shakespeare
THE 4335
Shakespeare: Stage And Screen
THE 4370
Drama on Stage and Screen
THE 4371
20th Century World Drama
THE 4500
Dramatic Theory & Genre
THE 4564
Studies In Live Theatre Perfmc
THE 4905
Scene Design 2
THE 4930
Black Authenticity in Acting
THE 4950
Senior Capstone
THE 4954
Production Capstone
THE 4957
Body Performance Stdy Abrd UK
THE 5930
Research Methods & Career Prep
THE 6309
Graduate Script Analysis
THE 6507
Sem in Dramatic Theory & Genre
THE 6909
Structural Engineering
THE 6930
Theatre for Young Audiences
THE 6940
Theatre Internship
THE 6972
Graduate Production Project
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