CRJ 421 - Physical Security II

A continuation of CRJ 420. Advanced topics include a study of camera and lens types, monitors, video signaling systems, scanners, pan and tilt positioning devices, video motion detectors, camera housings and enclosures, switchers, multiplexers, time-lapse VCRs, digital video recorders, and their interactive role in the design of CCTV systems. Analysis of illumination technologies, including fluorescent, high and low pressure sodium, metal halide, ultraviolet and infrared light sources. Other topics include the application philosophy as well as the hardware and software components of video surveillance computers, and the analysis of video field and frame compositions with reference to identification issues in criminal cases. An inquiry into the legal and ethical dimensions of surveillance, including Fourth Amendment guidelines, Plain View Doctrine cases, the Expectation of Privacy court cases and directives, and the Exclusionary Rule. Prerequisite(s): CRJ 420 Credits: 3
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