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ANTR 201
Global Cultural Encounters
ANTR 202
Human Evolution
ANTR 203
Language And Human Being
ANTR 204
Archaeological Science
ANTR 301
Cultural Anthropology
ANTR 303
Linguistic Anthropology
ANTR 312
Globalization And Its Discontent
ANTR 320
Anthropology Of Africa
ANTR 321
Anthropology Of Asia
ANTR 322
Anthropology Of Latin America
ANTR 325
Indians Of North America
ANTR 340
Anthropology Of Food And Nutrition
ANTR 342
Medical Anthropology
ANTR 350
World Archaeology
ANTR 401
Ethnographic Research Methods
ANTR 402
Archaeological Field Methods
ANTR 408
Historical Anthropological Theory
ANTR 432
Anthropology Of Gender
ANTR 459
Underwater Archaeology
ANTR 460
Forensic Anthropology
ANTR 480
Designing Anthropological Research
ANTR 481
Anthropological Projects I
ANTR 490
Senior Capstone Anthropology
ANTR 496
Integrating Anthropology
ANTR 499
Directed Study
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