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BIOL 2401 - Anat & Phys I (Lect+Lab) (Cf)

Anatomy and Physiology I is the first part of a two-course sequence. It is a study of the structure and function of the human body including cells, tissues and organs of the following systems: integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and special senses. Emphasis is on the interrelationships among systems and regulation of physiological functions involved in maintaining homeostasis. The lab provides a hands-on learning experience for exploration of human system components and basic physiology. Although BIOL 2402 may be taken concurrently, it is strongly recommended that BIOL 2401 is completed before BIOL 2402. Prerequisites: Placement at College Level Reading or Writing by TSIA or equivalent; OR completion with a “C” or better or concurrent enrollment in the following: INRW 0311 or INRW 0312 or ESOL 0340; and BIOL 1306 and 1106 with a “C” or better or Biology CLEP exam. (3:3). Lab fee.
Life and Physical Sciences, Academic Course
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