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REC 101
Rec and Tourism Careers
REC 102
Intro to Recreation Leadership
REC 110
SCUBA Confined Water
REC 111
SCUBA Open Water
REC 163
Fieldwork I
REC 180
Outdoor Adventure Activities
REC 190
Challenge Course Introduction
REC 200
Leisure Diversity and Culture
REC 210
Equine Assisted Therapeutic Re
REC 225
Recreation Hobbies
REC 250
Tourism Video. & Soc. Media
REC 263
Fieldwork II
REC 270
Introduction to Rock Climbing
REC 280
Programming Special Events
REC 290
Adventure Programming
REC 311
Intro to Recreation Therapy
REC 349
Co-op or Appl Lrn: Rec/Park Ad
REC 350
Supervision of Rec Personnel
REC 380
Natural Resource Tourism
REC 401
Management of Rec Services
REC 406
Plan, Design, Maint, of Rec Fa
REC 409
Independent Study
REC 410
Recreation Research & Eval
REC 411S
Rcrtn Thrpy Srvcs for Sen Ad
REC 450W
Senior Seminar
REC 460
Adv Leadership & Programming
REC 463
REC 473
Recreation Therapy Internship
REC 480
Resort Recreation Management
REC 511
Recreation Therapy Prac & Serv
REC 512S
Recreation Therapy Services
REC 516
Rcrtn & Prk Interpretive Srvcs
REC 590
Rec Events & Conf Risk Mngmt
REC 711
Rec Therapy Prac & Services
REC 712S
Mgmt of Rec Therapy Services
REC 716
Rcrtn & Prk Interpretive Srvcs
REC 790
Rec Events & Conf Risk Mngmt
REC 801
Park, Rec & Tour Resrch Methds
REC 809
Advanced Study in Recreation
REC 815
REC 825
Phil of Recreation and Leisure
REC 840
Admin Proc & Pract
REC 890
Independent Study in REC
REC 897
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