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BEM 200
Mass Media and Society
BEM 202
Information Gathering
BEM 203
Introduction to Media Writing
BEM 295
Video Production I
BEM 300
Performance in Electronic Medi
BEM 301
Multimedia Newswriting
BEM 302
Journalism Practicum
BEM 305W
Storytelling & Feature Writing
BEM 320
Digital Publishing Design
BEM 325
BEM 330
Sports Writing and Reporting
BEM 349
Co-op or Appl Lrn: Broadcastin
BEM 350
Cinema History I
BEM 351
Cinema History II
BEM 352
Film Techniques & Technology
BEM 353W
Art & Craft of Screenwriting
BEM 360
Advanced Lighting Techniques
BEM 370
Electronic Cinema Production
BEM 375
Writing for Electronic Media
BEM 395
Video Production II
BEM 396
Motion Graphics
BEM 400
Sound Design
BEM 401
Multimedia Field Production
BEM 405
Media Law
BEM 412
Multimedia Web Development
BEM 415
Media Ethics
BEM 425
Electronic Media Operations
BEM 453
Advanced Screenwriting
BEM 460
Adv Film Genre: Hitchcock
BEM 491
Senior Seminar
BEM 495
Video Production III
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