FCS 4246 - Curriculum for Child Care Homes and Centers

4246 FCS Curriculum for Child Care Homes and Centers. (3-0-3) On Demand. Examination of early childhood program curriculum models, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation appropriate for family child care homes and centers. Focus on the components of the early childhood program base, importance of determining or selecting a program base, and the use of the program base to develop a program rationale and the program goals. Notes: This course is restricted to students majoring in the B.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences, ABC (Associate’s to Bachelor’s in Child Care) Program, B.S. in Career and Technical Education-Family and Consumer Sciences; minoring in Family and Consumer Sciences; and to students in the Lumpkin College of Business & Applied Sciences (or, student from another College who is pursuing a Minor in Family and Consumer Sciences). Prerequisites: A grade of “C” or better in FCS 1800 or FCS 2800 or permission of the instructor. Course may not be repeated.
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