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HIST 140
World Civilization I
HIST 141
World Civilization II
HIST 200
Introduction to History
HIST 250
African Am History to 1877
HIST 251
African Am History since 1877
HIST 255
American History to 1877
HIST 256
American History Since 1877
HIST 320
Intro. to Digital & Public His
HIST 321
Archives and Musm Mgnt & Digit
HIST 331
African Am Relg and the Church
HIST 358
US & the World, 1919-Present
HIST 361
Cold War: A Global History
HIST 372
The Black Atlantic
HIST 373
Hist. of Human & Civil Rights
HIST 376
Afr Amer Exper North Carolina
HIST 383
Ancient & Medieval Worlds
HIST 384
The Birth of Modern Europe
HIST 385
Rev & Empire 19th Cent Europe
HIST 386
War of Wrlds Europe Twen Cent
HIST 397
Historical Methods Hist
HIST 473
Africa Making the Modern World
HIST 493
Women's & Gender Hist Spec Top
HIST 494
Special Topics in Afro Am Hist
HIST 495
United States Hist Spec Topics
HIST 499
History Seminar
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