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AAAS 114
Introduction to AAAS
AAAS 118
Inequalities, Power and Society
AAAS 204
African American Literature
AAAS 230
History of African American Religious Experiences
AAAS 231
African History to 1880
AAAS 232
African History since 1880
AAAS 240
African American Art
AAAS 299
Religion & Culture of Hip Hop
AAAS 309
Prophetic Black Women
AAAS 330
Mass Incarceration & Moral Vision
AAAS 340
Intro to African Disapora
AAAS 343
Race and the City
AAAS 357
Reading in African American Women History
AAAS 368
African American History to Emancipation
AAAS 378
History of South Africa
AAAS 379
America at Mid-Passage: The Civil War, Slavery, and Legacies
AAAS 481
Internships Field Study & Field Experience
AAAS 483
Teaching Assistant
AAAS 484
Race & Identity in New Orleans
AAAS 485
Independent Study
AAAS 488
AAAS Senior Seminar
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