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MEDICINE 445C - Consultative Cardiology

(1) Course Goals: Primary - To refine and further develop the skills necessary for eliciting an accurate, complete CV history and for performing an accurate, complete CV physical examination: To refine student understanding of normal and pathologic cardiovascular physiology while functioning in the role of a consultant for inpatients and outpatients with various cardiovascular problems; Secondary - to develop the skills necessary to quickly and accurately interpret ECGs (both 12-lead ECGs and rhythm strips). (2) How Goals Are Achieved: Students are assigned to the consult service at either the Durham VA Center or Duke, where, in concert with the resident, fellow and senior staff attending, they evaluate the operative risk for cardiac and non-cardiac surgery as well as make decisions concerning the evaluation and treatment of patients with a wide variety of heart diseases. Students participate in reading ECGs and a core curriculum experience including individually assigned times to work with HARVEY, the cardiology patient simulator, and various computer assisted instruction programs. (3) Methods of Evaluation: Students are evaluated by the resident, fellow, and senior staff with whom they work. The evaluation form is made available at the beginning of the elective. Depending on circumstances, students may also be evaluated by written and practical examinations at the beginning and/or end of the elective. NOTE: Students enrolled in this course may be required to complete their rotation at the DVAMC. The required paperwork for the DVAMC must be completed at least 30 days prior to the first day of classes for the section/term the student is enrolled. Contact the department to obtain required paperwork. For more information, please contact Dawne Smith, 668-1524 or via email at Prerequisite: none. Credit: 4. Enrollment: max 5 (unless otherwise noted). Anna Lisa Crowley, MD/FACC; and cardiology staff
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