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BSP 301B - Research in BSP

Program Director: Chris Marx, MD, MA. This study program is designed to help third year medical students obtain an integrative understanding of the basic processes underlying normal and pathological human and laboratory animal behavior. The course and preceptorship offerings familiarize students with significant developments in the behavioral neurosciences, investigative methodology used to examine human behavior and its neurobiological underpinnings, and the application of these findings to medicine. As an example, they are provided with the neuroanatomical, histochemical, neuroimmunological, neuropharmacological, and neurobehavioral basis of prescribing anxiolytics, antidepressants, and other neurotropic drugs. Students select an area of research concentration that matches their interests. They will be supervised by a faculty member research preceptor. Projects focus on some determinant of human behavior which may include neurobiological, developmental, or psychosocial factors. Students spend a significant portion of their time in a closely supervised in the laboratory and in associated library research in their area of interest resulting with the intent producing a published report of the work. Specific science interests can be augmented through seminars, guided readings, and appropriate courses providing a greater familiarity with current issues in the biobehavioral sciences. FACULTY: James Blumenthal, PhD; Gabriela Carrasquel, PhD; Geraldine Dawson, PhD; P. Murali Doraiswamy, MBB; Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD; Madan Kwatra, PhD; Edward Levin, PhD; Christine Marx, MD; Gary Maslow, MD; Rajendra Morey, MD, MS, BS; Jeffrey Petrella, MD; Carolyn Pizoli, MD, PhD; Jed Rose, PhD; Mark Rosenthal, PhD; John Sexton, PhD; Linmarie Sikich, MD, MA; Heather Van Mater, MD; Richard Weiner, MD, PhD; William Wetsel, PhD
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