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BIOSTAT 722 - Introduction to Statistical Programming II (SAS)

This class is an introduction to programming in SAS, targeted at statistics majors with minimal programming knowledge, which will give them the skills to grasp how statistical software works, tweak it to suit their needs, recombine existing pieces of code, and when needed create their own programs. Students will learn the core of ideas of programming (data step, procedures, ODS, input and output, debugging, and logical design) through writing code to assist in numerical and graphical statistical analyses. Students will learn how to write maintainable code, and to test code for correctness. They will then learn how to set up stochastic simulations and how to work with and filter large data sets. Since code is also an important form of communication among scientists, students will learn how to comment and organize code to achieve reproducibility. Programming techniques and their application will be closely connected with the methods and examples presented in the co-requisite course. The primary programming package focus used in this course will be SAS. Co-requisite: BIOSTAT 705. Credit: 2
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