SRA 111 - Introduction To Security And Risk Analysis

This introductory course spans areas of security, risk, and analysis covering contexts in government agencies and business organizations. SRA 111 Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis (3) Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis is a preliminary course with a broad focus, spanning the areas of security, risk and analysis. In addition to familiarizing the student with basic technical terminology, it will also touch upon social and legal issues, risk analysis and mitigation, crime intelligence and forensics, and information warfare and assurance.This course will motivate students to understand the requirements for security in any government agency or business organization through the use of case studies. Included in this segment are cases related to cyberterrorism, bioterrorism, and critical infrastructure protection. Some concepts to be covered in the area of information security are: confidentiality, integrity, availability, and non-repudiation. Various methods of safeguarding these security concerns will be discussed, such as: single- and multi-factor authentication, encryption, digital signatures, prevention of denial of service attacks, and so forth. This course also covers social and legal issues related to security, in particular identity theft and social engineering. Topics in this section include identity theft, spam, spyware, and adware. This course also covers the principles and the approaches to risk analysis. Here students study vulnerability analysis, crime and intelligence analysis, forensics, techniques for risk assessment and risk mitigation.The course will prepare students for more in-depth courses such as SRA 211, SRA 221 and SRA 311.
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