PT 290 - Professional Issues In Clinical Practice

Introduction of professional issues related to the physical therapist assistant's role in practice, including documentation, billing, communication, and professionalism. P T 290 Professional Issues in Clinical Practice (1) This course is an introduction to the professional issues related to the physical therapist assistant’s role in the current health care environment. The course is designed to foster professional development of the physical therapist assistant student and to prepare the student to complete essential competencies and behaviors of health care related to the field of physical therapy. The course will guide the student in preparing the necessary documents for clinical practicum. Areas of study in the course may include but are not limited to, the role of the physical therapist assistant as defined by the American Physical Therapy Association and state practice acts, Values-Based Behaviors for the Physical Therapist Assistant, Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant, ethical problem solving in healthcare including recognizing and discussing legal and ethical issues in physical therapy, cultural diversity and cultural competence, lifelong learning and continuing competence, professional communication in clinical situations including HIPAA , billing and reimbursement in physical therapy, and medical documentation including the value and necessity of thorough documentation, recognition of the PTA role in documentation, completion of appropriate medical documentation and appropriate use of medical abbreviations. The student’s knowledge of professional issues will be assessed in the course using any or all of the following tools: written examination, student presentations, written term papers, special projects, quizzes, homework, in-class and out-of-class assignments.
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