PT 270W - Pathophysiology

Introduction medical and post-operative conditions and/or disease states most frequently treated by physical therapy interventions. P T 270W Pahtophysiology (3) This course is an introduction to the study of diseases and those conditions most often treated by Physical Therapy methods. Basic signs, symptoms, causes, and processes of disease and conditions will be covered. The course is designed to give the PTA student a working knowledge of the physiology of disease states in order to prepare the student to think and speak intelligently with patients and other health professionals regarding diseases and conditions commonly seen in physical therapy and their diagnoses, progression, and treatments. Areas of study in the course may include, but are not limited to, the history of pathophysiology, diagnostic methods, infection and healing, metaplasia, mental health, genetic and congenital disorders, and disorders of the following systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, nervous, integumentary, endocrine, blood and lymphatics. The student's knowledge of pathophysiology will be assessed in the course using any or all of the following tools: written examination, student presentations, written term papers, special projects and assignments. This course is a prerequisite for P T 250, P T 260, P T 280, P T 280W, and P T 395E. Prerequisites for this course are a grade of C or better in BIOL 141, BIOL 142 and P T 1 00 and P T 384 courses. The course is offered once per calendar year at each campus. Expected enrollment is 20-45 students.This is a writing intensive course that will include instructor written evaluation and feedback of student's writing. The student writing will be specific to the Physical Therapy discipline and include multiple and varied assignments. Writing will be a factor in the final grade for this course.Class size, frequency of offering, and evaluation methods will vary by location and instructor. For these details, check the specific course syllabus. .
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