ENGL 50 - Introduction To Creative Writing

Practice and criticism in the reading, analysis and composition of fiction, nonfiction and poetry writing. ENGL 050 Introduction to Creative Writing (3) (GA)(BA) This course meets the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements. If you believe that the heart of a poet beats inside you anyway-or if you simply enjoy writing to express yourself creatively--you will be at home in this course. You will also be at home here if you are an avid reader of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, but have never tried your hand at writing it. In English 050 you will explore the genres of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry by reading published essays, short stories, and poems and by writing personal essays, sketches, scenes, and poems. We'll discuss the relationship between the genres and also discuss what makes each a distinct art form. You'll hand in weekly writing assignments in addition to completing longer writing projects. You'll make copies of some of your creative work to distribute and discuss in class.
Bachelor of Arts: Arts General Education: Arts (GA)
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