BST 387 - Soc. Ent: Theor Glob Trend

Using an interdisciplinary lens this course will explore how size, location, structure, mission and globalization have shaped decision making processes within social change organizations. The focus will be on nonprofits, cooperatives and firms with a commitment to achieving corporate social responsibility. A key question we will explore is why social entrepreneurship is increasingly associated with social change organizations. This question will be addressed through an exploration of both theoretical explanations and empirical examples of the economic, social and political challenges facing social change organizations. Case studies will focus on both US and international contexts. Signature of insturctor required for registration. Corequisite course: ECON 287 CLA-Breadth/Social Science, CLA-Breadth/International, CLA-Off Campus
CLA-Breadth/Interdisciplinary, CLA-Breadth/Social Science, CLA-Off Campus Experience
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