ARLT 801 - Graduate Liberal Studies: What They Are, What They Do

This entry seminar is required for both M.Litt. and D.Litt students. It introduces students to the work of multiple disciplines in the Arts and Letters Program. It produces initial familiarity with fields of humanistic inquiry from among the program’s nine concentrations: Conflict Resolution; Studies in Literature; Fine Arts and Media Studies; Global Studies; Historical Studies; Irish/Irish American Studies; Studies in Spirituality; Teaching in the Two-Year College and Writing. The seminar features a team of professors from several fields of study and practice taught in the CSGS, each of whom leads the seminar for two weeks. Through broad discussion and specific readings and assignments, classes preview what the individual disciplines “do” in our time. Students participate in the weekly conversations and write six short papers and a short interdisciplinary paper. The goal is to ground and enable each student’s interdisciplinary choices for M.Litt and D.Litt. work.
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