GERM 2010 - Intermediate German I

For intermediate-level students who have taken GERM 1020, or for students who have had equivalent experience (four or more years of high school German). Native-speakers and students who have acquired proficiency in this language through extended residence, military service, church missions, or other methods may not enroll in this class. Continued emphasis on communicative competence. Grammatical structures will be reviewed, conversation will be emphasized, and reading and writing will receive increased focus, as well as cultural awareness. A variety of teaching methods are employed, including role-play and small group activities, discussion of reading materials, and videos. Students using 2010 as an entry level class may receive vertical credits for lower level classes upon passing 2010 with a C grade or higher. This course partially qualifies students to receive an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree. Successful completers are prepared to take GERM 2020. Placement in foreign language classes is at the discretion of the Department Chair. Prerequisite: GERM 1020 or instructor permission. FA
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