EMS 1110 - Emergency Medical Technician-Intro to Emergency Medical Services

Open to students who have current CPR certification (American Heart Association-Health Care Provider/American Red Cross-Professional Rescuer). Presents instruction in the theory and practice of first aid, providing students with knowledge and skills necessary to meet common emergencies associated with injury and illness. Topics include CPR, well-being, roles and responsibilities, medical/legal, ethics, lifting & moving, Pt assessment, Airway management, Packaging, bandage/splint, Hazardous Materials, Triage & Terrorism, Mass Casualty Incidents, and disaster management. All co-requisite courses must be completed in the same semester. **COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (CLOs) At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Show competency and skill mastery and be able to perform as an entry level Emergency Medical Technician. The student may be eligible for testing and certification at National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician EMT level with the recommendation of the course coordinator and medical director. The curriculum meets the requirements for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) and students are eligible to obtain a national certification and EMT license in the State of Utah. Course fee required. Corequisites: EMS 1120, EMS 1140, EMS 1145. FA, SP
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