COOP 1800R - Cooperative Work Experience (ALCE)

The Cooperative Education (COOP) is geared for students in their freshman or sophomore year. COOP 1800 provides a beneficial three-way partnership between the employer, the student, and the University, creating the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical problems on the job. This course allows students to work either in their field or a professional environment as they prepare to enter the workforce. Students learn the competitive nature of the job market and what is needed to prepare for the best career positions. Students also gain a competitive edge in the new graduate job market. Course work includes; learning objectives, employer-evaluations, related assignments, self-evaluation, regular communication with instructor, site visits to the employer by instructor and more. Students must document their work hours as follows: 1 credit = at least 6 hours per week or 100 hours during the semester: 2 credits = 12 hours per week or 180 hours during the semester: 3 credits = 18 hours per week or 270 hours during the semester. A maximum of 12 COOP/work experience credits can be applied to any DSU degree. Prerequisite: Permission must be obtained from the director of cooperative education before registration. FA, SP, SU
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