COMM 2110 - Interpersonal Communication (SS, GC)

Fulfills General Education Social & Behavioral Sciences, and is an approved Global and Cultural Perspectives course. Required of all Communication Studies majors, but open to all students. Focuses on communication skills in a wide range of interpersonal areas appropriate to business or personal relationships, and involving initiating, developing, maintaining, and controlling the deterioration of relationships, with emphasis on listening, assertiveness, supportive climates, conflict, power management, and disclosure. Introduces the special needs of intercultural communication, and prepares students to effectively express ideas in one-to-one settings. **COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (CLOs) At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Identify, explain, and demonstrate interpersonal communication theories, models, and processes. 2. Develop and apply critical thinking and analytical skills in interpersonal communication contexts. 3. Employ and assess effective listening, observational, and problem-solving strategies in dyadic and group settings. 4. Describe and differentiate between constructive and deconstructive communication approaches. 5. Explain and evaluate the relationships between power, identity, culture, and disclosure in interpersonal communication contexts. 6. Describe and apply pragmatic strategies for relationship generation, maintenance, and termination. 7. Analyze and evaluate personal communication and relationships through self-reflection, self-awareness, and recognition of various cultural and environmental norms. FA, SP, SU
Global & Cultural Perspectives, Social & Behavioral Sciences
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