COMM 1270 - Critical Thinking and Communicating

Required for all Communication Studies majors, and is open to other interested students. The goal of this course is to examine fundamental elements of reasoning, define and apply intellectual standards, and develop analytical-thinking about the world around us. An important focus is given to open other systems of thinking to connect ideas between disciplines, as well as to understand different perspectives in a diverse and global society. How we think and respond to a variety of issues and situations is essential to problem solving, effective interpersonal communication, professional development and success, and productive engagement in our community and civic lives. **COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES (CLOs) At the successful conclusion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Recognize different types of logical contexts and their basic elements in learning. 2. Describe how concepts from different disciplines can be understood using the tools of critical thinking. 3. Recognize and illustrate how fallacies affect good reasoning. 4. Apply strategic thinking and take charge of daily activities. 5. Recognize and illustrate media biases and propaganda in different contexts. 6. Evaluate own decision-making pattern, and create solutions to repetitive poor problem solving habits. 7. Analyze role of language in ethical reasoning and analysis. 8. Apply reflective thinking to challenge own egocentric and sociocentric tendencies. FA, SP, SU
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